Hydraulic Accessories

Hydraulic Accessories

Aluminum, titanium lightweight fittings

Aluminum, titanium lightweight fittings are designed for pure racer yachts in order to reduce to the minimum the overall weight of the hydraulic system (you know, everything counts!)

Pressure gauges and sensors

Digital and analogical Ø50mm gauge can be fitted in any sort of hydraulic system to monitor the line pressure or the hydraulic ram working load.

The electronic pressure gauge, available both on 0-5V and 4-20mA signal, are used for Caritec electronic manometer,
B&G instruments, PLC instruments and for Cariboni Monitoring system.

Online filters

Cariboni oil filters are designed to work with manual system keeping low pressure drop even at high flow.
The filter houses are full made in lightweight aluminium and the cartridges can be replaced easily.
Cariboni high flow filter can be used in electric return line thanks to its high flow rate.